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The Rebirth

The Rebirth

The Rebirth

Where do I begin? The shit whipped whirlwind of a year we went through was an unbelievable experience that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy… well maybe my worst. For all our fans and loyal friends that emailed us, texted us, DM’d us, called us, and/or reached out in any and every way I want you to know that the rebirth of Moment is all because of your unwavering support and love for what we have created. The truth is, when our website was deleted without warning of any kind along with the back ups I was on the verge of giving up. Three plus years of work, everything, gone. Almost like we never existed. It was like I was frozen in time trying to figure out our next move… Quit or Rebuild? I couldn’t quit. Not now. Not after everything I sacrificed to get this far. I took some time to get my mind right and knew that our next move was to build a shop. After several delays to start, mother nature acting up, and a slew of other unforeseen obstacles we finally got moving. Over the next several months while building we were also designing and rebuilding the website, but under radio silence and for that I apologize. I was just so lost that I didn’t know how to approach social media and our fanbase to let everyone know of our news. I mean hell, our last post was a celebration of our 3 Year Anniversary!?! How do you follow a post of that much positivity with the devastating news that we are suddenly “Out of Business?” It was the most unusual situation and nothing had prepared me for how to handle it correctly. In the words of the great Mike Tyson, “Everyone has a plan till’ they get punched in the mouth.” I got hit, hard. However, life carries on and progress had to take place in order for us to relaunch. So, in the coming weeks construction continued, graphics were finalized, and the shop was closer to completion. It was somewhere between the shop being dried in and laying ink back on the press for the first time in almost a year that I had a moment, a moment of pure gratitude. I am so grateful for having this opportunity to start again, for having a support system that won’t let me fail, and for having family, friends, and fans who understood that this would take time to rebuild and gave me the space I needed but were right there when I needed them most. I love this company and am passionate about what our message stands for. I am so excited for the Rebirth and am grateful that this journey will continue so that we all can Find Our Moment. Thank you all.

– Lou –

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