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The Moment Story

Ever since we posted our logo on social media and www.momentthreads.com people have often asked me about the design. It’s always nice to have a conversation starter, especially now that we have launched and people are wearing the logo around in the general public. I feel however, that the story shouldn’t start with the logo —the inspiration for this company runs much deeper than that.

Among my early childhood memories, there is one vivid image that never seems to fade, and that was what seemed like this never ending hallway filled from waist to ceiling with photographs of our family moments, frozen in time. So many fond memories, fun times, vacations, family gatherings, etc…. And ,my God, did we hate setting up for that stuff!!! My mom had this saying “Oh MY!! What a beautiful Kodak moment!!!” That was our cue to gather up for a family photo; Every. Where. We. Went… We would somehow find a “Kodak Moment!” So, at that time, we all took this stuff for granted because our family ‘moment’ cup had runneth over. Well, as fate would have it that moment filled hallway had to come down and relocate; the “Kodak Moments” had somehow taken a backseat to the hand that life had dealt us.

On a beautiful Mother’s Day morning May 13, 2001, my mom said she felt a “pop” in her head. She said it “felt like someone snapped a twig inside my brain”, so we rushed her to the ER which started an endless run of tests with no definitive results. The following days were exhausting with no answers as to what we were facing. I have never had chills run up my spine like I did the day I heard the words “Class 4 malignant brain tumor.” This was a “moment” I would NEVER forget. My mom lived a year and sixteen days after that fateful Mothers Day morning, passing away May 29, 2002.

I was 21 years young with not the first clue as to what I was going to do next…. Fast forward 12 years later: after some amazing ups and some severe downs, I made the decision to follow my dream of starting a graphic apparel company. At that time we were using the Gopro cameras all the time creating funny, novice short music videos. Upping the levels from my mother’s “Kodak Moment” lead, these were amazing “moments” for us that we were capturing, but I still didn’t have a clue as to where to start creating this unnamed company from scratch. Looking back now “seeing the forrest through the trees” seems appropriate because unknowingly all the ground work had been laid I just didn’t know it yet. After brainstorming what felt like 100,000 different names and ideas, I was on the phone with my girlfriend at 10:45 am on September 16 when it just “popped” in my brain, “why don’t we call the thing Moment. Find Yours.” There was an eerie silence on the other end when she came back with “I really like the way you worded that! Write that down!!!” Moment Threads was born!

After playing around with the slogan’s look, I took the idea to a good friend who worked in a sign shop to see if we could have a couple of decals made. He was happy to oblige and then asked me what this was all about. After explaining it, he told me he was interested in talking with me more. So we sat down and discussed the vision for the brand and he almost immediately wanted to help out. The one thing that I knew was that I wanted to build the company around a very simplistic, recognizable logo. So he started picking my brain, asking me what moment meant to me, what time meant to me, what location, navigation, and direction all meant to me and after several different design ideas, he nailed it with our current logo.

The design itself has several different aspects that all mean something to our team and to the brand. The “M” itself is self-explanatory for the word moment. The two arrow hands represent a clock to incorporate moments in time. The top arrow pointing down represents moments in direction, location, and navigation. Then I decided to twist it slightly so the navigational arrow was pointing South East which is where our home base is located. Finally we added the circle around the logo to give it an overall feel and look of a compass or clock which in a way, brought us full circle, literally, for what I was after when creating this logo. The rest as they say is history: Moment Threads is a real, tangible product that some would say was created out of thin air while others say that hard work, dedication, and persistence are what built it to a reality. Truth is, I think it came from somewhere else. It wasn’t until I really started playing around with different fonts that I saw it for more than what it was. I split the word Moment in half one day working on a graphic and it read MOM on top and ENT right underneath it. All I saw was Mom “ent” and in this modern world of text and abbreviations in my mind all I saw was the abbreviation for entertain or entertainment, and the word Mom was right on top. It was like she was telling me to entertain her through this idea….. Maybe it was my insanely different way to look at things from outside the rhombus or maybe she was speaking directly to me. Either way, we are here to create a fun, motivating, creative, and original company that I hope people will connect with. Thank you for finding your moment with us!

– Lou –