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✌🏻WTF (Wait Till Friday)✌🏻

✌🏻WTF (Wait Till Friday)✌🏻

✌🏻WTF (Wait Till Friday)✌🏻

I’m so over the game, and living for the weekend…

I can’t count how many times I have had this thought reek havoc on my mind. Like a constant skipping record, that nobody can seem to fix. What is it that compels us to continue to push forward even when things are going to hell. Why did I rebuild? Why do I design new Moments, when the ones we just put out didn’t necessarily sale well? Why do I bang my head against the wall to try to unlock my mind with new creative ideas for Vlogs, Blogs and photoshoots? Β My mind can be a scary place to wander around, trust me. These random subjects, in particular though, kept me up at night for months on end.

Talking to people about Moment, the brand, I find out that they see the clothing, the social posts, and the website. But, for the most part, they have no idea the legit struggles behind the scenes. I am reminded of that poster/picture you see on almost every motivational Instagram account page. Β You know the one. The iceberg showcasing success at the tip, and that’s all the people see. They don’t see all the trials and tribulations underneath the water line. Until I started this brand, I swear I thought that picture was the biggest crock of shit I had ever seen. I was so naive in my uneducated youth. I couldn’t begin to imagine the amount of work I was fixing to put myself through when I said, “I want to start a clothing line.” I knew it wouldn’t be easy but DAMN, I had no idea all the unknown hurdles were just an added bonus for signing up. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THIS BRAND, and I wouldn’t trade what we have created for anything.

But I digress, in the midst of all the turmoil, Β the driving force that keeps me motivated to continue to create is the opportunity to tell somebody new about Moment. For me personally, I started with the idea to create something positive, fun and motivating that would be bigger than a clothing brand. What I am finding out, is that I am nowhere close to where I want to be; but, I am a lot closer than I was the day I started. I don’t know my purpose in life (honestly) but I hope one day it will reveal itself ,and it will all make perfect sense. Until that day comes, I encourage you to continue to strive to find YOUR Moment.

– Lou –